Yes, We have Mandioca!

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Brazilian food is based on three main traditions: native american, portuguese and african from the West part of the continent. That first combination was followed by other traditions such as spanish and italian, lebanese and even japanese cultures.  All that combined creates the unique cuisine of Brazil that is presented with distinction in each corner of the country.

It is an enormous territory and it has many genuine ingredients and ways to deal with its richiness. One of the main ingredients that show to be called the “brazilian bread” (CASCUDO, 1983) is the mandioca (manioc). With this reach ingredient brazilians can make distinct kinds of farinhas de mandioca (manioc flour), that are basys for recipies of breads, cakes, sauces, guisards, soups and helps the people to be feeded with a rich and nutricional component.

Also its sub-products are starting to reach Chefs de cuisine world-wide. Tapiocas, polvilhos, tucupi, pubas, are few of the manioc derivates and it is technology inherited by the native americans that first leaved in Brazil.

“Mandioca” and its diferent “farinhas”

Brazil, with its vast size and different biomas, present singular ways to prepare dishes and products. That way we present to you the ingredient farinha de mandioca and will prepare the pirão for the moqueca. A dish well-known at the coast of Brazil.


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